Why Choose Horizon?

Horizon’s Proprietary Chemistries Yield an Average 8 Percent Increase

Horizon Ag-Products brings value to our producers. From our low use rate organic acids-based liquids to our premium source dry granular humic acids, Horizon’s proprietary chemistries are the industry standard for organic acids and deliver, on average, an 8 percent yield gain.

Not only delivering on yield, products developed by Horizon Ag see a significant bump in quality. Replicated research and field trials over the past 30 years show substantially higher fruit and vegetable quality in comparison to the grower standard. Fruits and vegetables grown with Horizon Ag’s products have shown to be more uniform, of premium size and weight, and often deliver a higher nutrient content.



Horizon Ag-Products is the largest organic acids plant-health company in the world. With an unmatched commitment to creating premium organic acids-based products that provide growers with proven yield and quality benefit, Horizon Ag-Products is the premier provider of innovative plant health solutions.



Horizon Ag has evaluated raw materials from around the world to find the highest quality sources for its products. We deliver a consistent and effective product with measurable results each and every time, going so far as to be ISO 9001 Quality Management Certified. Our internal controls, processes, and procedures have achieved a 99.99% on-spec shipment record.


Research and Development

The Horizon Ag-Products research and development team is composed of on-staff Ph.D.-credentialed chemists, biologists, and university consultants. Our advanced in-house laboratory and the Universities’ capabilities and expertise allow us to understand and explain the biochemical pathways and physiology of our proprietary chemistries.


Scientific Field Trials

Our products are evaluated and tested via randomized and replicated trials with 3rd party researchers and universities, demonstrating our product works at 80% significant win rate. Through our trusted partner distribution channels, we have conducted over 1,500 grower demonstration trials on 41 different crops around the world. Studies we have performed on our products include yield benefits, nutrient use efficiency, crop quality, abiotic stress management, stand counts, chlorophyll content, emergence, phytotoxicity, and crop vigor.


Proven Low Rate Efficacy

Our products allow less volume to be used over a larger area with greater effectiveness. From our premium, high active ingredient content dry granular formulations to our next generation liquid organic acids chemistries, Horizon’s proven low-rate efficacy allows growers to maintain fertilizer analysis while offering application autonomy.


Large-Scale Distribution

Horizon Ag-Products manufactures organic acids-based products for two of the top seven companies in the CropLife 100 Largest Ag Retailers in the U.S., as well as a host of international manufacturers and distributors. Our strategically-located production facilities are scalable to allow for further expansion for opportunities abroad.


American Made

From our premium ore sources, to our in-house research and development, to our manufacturing facilities, Horizon Ag-Products are mined, developed, and finished in the United States. Under the watchful eyes of local, state, and federal rules and regulations, we follow strict standards and practices to ensure that our extraction and production facilities and finished goods are well within the guidelines outlined by regulation authorities.


Nutrient Use Efficiency

Scientists and agronomists who have studied Horizon Ag-Products nutrient use efficiency technologies have documented the ability of Horizon’s products to reduce and partially resolve many of the problems associated with fertilizer tie-up and loss.

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