Best-in-Class QA, QC, and Production

Horizon’s Commitment to Quality Means Only the Best Touches the Ground

Growers across the world trust Horizon Ag to provide Innovative Plant Health Solutions that help maximize the greatest potential from their ground. Through scientifically-backed chemistries, strict quality measures, and state-of-the-art production, Horizon Ag ensures that every drop and every granule will contain the active ingredients that contribute to our growers’ success.

See how our strategic locations, dry granular and liquid manufacturing facilities, and our strict quality management systems contribute to delivering our best-in-class products.

Strategic Locations

Horizon Ag-Products production facilities have been strategically placed to minimize freight costs and shorten delivery intervals. We realize that fertilizer application windows can, at times, be condensed to a few weeks. In response to these critical timing needs in production agriculture, regional access to our fertilizer inputs is vital.

Dry Granular Production & Liquid Production

Our flagship dry granular production facility was built in 2006 to meet the growing needs of our customers’ dry granular business. Located in Cuba, New Mexico, it was designed with state-of-the-art computer control systems and equipment.

Horizon has three liquid product manufacturing locations strategically spread throughout the U.S. Each facility is equipped with advanced technical equipment to meet the needs for engineering our next generation formulations.

Quality Management Systems

Quality is one of the cornerstones for our success. All products manufactured by Horizon Ag undergo rigorous qualitative and quantitative testing, scrutiny, and certification before leaving our facilities. A sample of each liquid and dry batch is sent to our home office laboratory for verification testing, and is archived for later access. Our internal control processes and procedures have allowed us to report 99.99% on-spec shipments since 2011. Horizon’s strict quality controls and practices have allowed us to achieve ISO-9001 compliance at all of our facilities.


Nutrient Use Efficiency

Scientists and agronomists who have studied Horizon Ag-Products nutrient use efficiency technologies have documented the ability of Horizon’s products to reduce and partially resolve many of the problems associated with fertilizer tie-up and loss.

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