Next Gen Organic Acids

Horizon’s Next Gen Technology Provides Ultimate Value and Return on Investment to Growers.

As a research-focused organic acids product manufacturer and distributor, Horizon Ag-Products has uncovered the power of organic compounds that have a bio-stimulatory effect on plant growth. We mix and match isolated and synergistic plant- and soil-active compounds to formulate proprietary chemistries that deliver on our commitment to providing innovative plant health solutions.

From our low-dust, urea compatible dry granular humic acids products to concentrated soil- and foliar-applied liquid fertilizer additives, Horizon’s next gen chemistries provide ultimate value and return on investment to growers.

Horizon is uniquely positioned to advance the science of organic acids to develop the next generation of organic acids.

As a vertically integrated company, Horizon controls the entire process from geologic discovery, mining and extraction, through synthesis and delivery. No other humate sources contain the high-level of functional group activity, consistency, and repeatability that the Horizon-controlled humate offers. Our consistent, reliable sources of premium humate have been the hallmark of our scientific discoveries.

Plant Health Solution Technologies

Manufacturer Ingredients

Horizon's next generation organic acids technology platforms are available to fertilizer manufacturers as value-added production ingredients. Manufacturers are utilizing these technologies to differentiate their commoditized product offerings with additional features and benefits that can capture added value. Let’s discuss your needs.






Technology increases nutrient use efficiency of crops as a liquid impregnation additive for dry fertilizers. HAP-coat chemistry functions on two levels: 1) it lowers the osmotic potential of fertilizer allowing for more rapid nutrient assimilation and conversion; and 2) stimulates root development in plants.

HAP-coat can be formulated into existing macro & micro nutrient fertilizer additive products. The HAP-coat concentration level can be tailored to meet customers desired formulation volume requirements. HAP-coat technology provides additional abiotic stress relief compounds that are effective at increasing yields.


Technology can be added to foliar products and is formulated to improve cell penetration of applied nutrients and plant protection products. HAP-sorb functions by complexing with inorganic compounds and moving them deeper into plant cell tissue.

HAP-sorb is compatible with most macro and micro nutrients, ag chem formulations, and biostimulant products. HAP-sorb also mitigates heat and moisture stresses, improves root growth, and enables the translocation of applied nutrients.


Technology is designed to enhance soil-applied liquid fertilizers and is used to increase Nutrient Use Efficiency in fertilizers. Utilizing Horizon Ag-Products proprietary Unit Activity Promoter synthesis, HAP-plex delivers more plant active compounds that optimally perform at lower concentrations than other soluble humus products.

HAP-plex chemistry functions on two levels: 1) antagonistic soil compounds are sequestered allowing applied nutrients to remain more available; 2) root rhizosphere activity is enhanced in the presence of the HAP-plex chemistry allowing more active uptake of essential plant nutrients into plant cells.


Technology is a seed treatment additive designed to help with germination. Seeds treated with HAP-germ technology have shown to withstand abiotic stresses and help protect seedlings when cold or wet soil factors that can inhibit early growth.

HAP-germ technology helps seeds germinate more quickly, allows for quicker establishment and promotes root development.

Next Gen Product Features



  • Stimulating plant growth
  • Resistance to abiotic stresses
  • Proliferation of roots and shoots
  • Stimulating beneficial microbes


  • Improving cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Improving N,P,K and micronutrient availability
  • Buffering soil pH
  • Buffering toxicity of salts and heavy metals


  • Creating better soil structure
  • Better aggregate stability
  • Reducing soil crusting
  • Increasing water infiltration


The foundation of Horizon Ag-Products’ business is our bioscience research and development department.

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