The Industry Leader for Over 30 Years

Horizon’s Innovative Plant Health Solutions Have Been the Industry Standard for Over 30 Years.

At Horizon Ag-Products, our mission is to enable producers to maximize crop quality at the highest possible yields, while helping to make sustainable farming and environmental stewardship standard practices throughout the world.

We share in the global responsibility of protecting and preserving our environment today and for future generations with products that are mindful of the world’s diminishing resources. Our research, products, and partnership with agricultural producers and suppliers are tantamount to accomplishing this mission and bringing the industry – and our world – closer to the goal of sustainability.

Our Vision

We honor God and life by serving the people and fields of our planet with preeminent products and innovation which creates health and vitality.

Our Mission

  • To have all customers consider our products vital to their success.
  • To sustain the elements required to excel at everything we do.
  • To maintain a climate that tests new ideas.
  • To have an undaunting commitment to build trusted partnerships.
  • To continue to build products of optimum quality and performance.

Our Values

  • God Honoring
  • Respect and Trust
  • Benefit Mankind
  • Value the Individual
  • Innovation and Imagination
  • Service Mindset

Our Principles

HONORING GOD AND LIFE We believe humans have a responsibility to be good stewards of the planet we inhabit. Horizon Ag-Products seeks to honor God and all life on Earth by serving the people and the fields of our planet by developing products and innovations designed to improve health and enhance vitality on a global scale.

GROWING MORE WITH LESS As a leader in innovative plant health solutions, Horizon Ag-Products has been an integral part of the sustainability movement over the past thirty years. We provide solutions for enhanced nutrient use efficiency, seed germination, soil structure improvement, and foliar benefits help growers to enjoy healthier crops and higher yields. Our technologies help the environment by reducing environmental impact and concerns over phosphate and nitrate leaching and water management utilization.

FUTURE-PROOF SOLUTIONS Not only do our agricultural solutions help ensure that our customers remain competitive, they also ensure that modern agricultural practices are sophisticated enough to provide for future generations.

Our History

When Horizon Ag-Products was established in 1983, it was one of the few companies mining and manufacturing natural organic material (NOM) products. Through the years, we have continued to lead the way with a mission to enable the agricultural industry to maximize crop quality at the highest possible yields and achieve greater success and profitability.

We have advanced the science of using natural organic materials to produce next generation products of consistent quality that can be relied on to achieve improvement in crop production year after year.

Horizon Ag has also been at the forefront of testing, quality control, and manufacturing processes for natural organic materials that serve as the benchmark for competitive products.


Nutrient Use Efficiency

Scientists and agronomists who have studied Horizon Ag-Products nutrient use efficiency technologies have documented the ability of Horizon’s products to reduce and partially resolve many of the problems associated with fertilizer tie-up and loss.

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